Going back to school after 40 is not for the faint of heart.  Dr. Vrnda 'V' Boykin knows this well, having returned to school in 2017 and obtained her BS in Marketing Management, MS in Management and Leadership, Master of  Business Administration, and Doctorate of Business Administration.  Dr. V's dissertation study was directly linked to understanding the social support structures necessary for women to have an equitable experience within the tech space, which in turn increases profitability, productivity, and decreases expensive attrition.  Bravery is in Dr. V's bones, and she is known for her commitment to equitable innovation.  Viewing education as the most effective tool in achieving equity, Dr. V utilizes her skills and knowledge to disrupt and redefine training and enablement programs, resulting in increased performance and revenue within the Mar-Tech space. 

As a former business owner for 10 years, Dr. V has a deep understanding of the challenges small businesses face. Dr. V has an understanding of the urgency and the need businesses have to optimize efficiency. Her empathetic solution-oriented focus propelled her to successfully redefine the role of ‘salesperson’ to ‘shareperson’, anchoring in the consultative sales process evident throughout her enablement programming. Charting her course through Groupon, Amobee, and now HubSpot first as a Manager, Customer Training, then Senior Program Manager, Global Skills, and now as Senior Program Manager, Leadership Onboarding and Team Lead. Dr. V’s passion for learning and development joined with solving for the customer first, remains her professional focus.  

Personally, Dr. V is passionate about mentoring and supporting organizations such as re:work, Braven, and The 100k Mentor Challenge. Dr.  V’s ultimate goal is to be directly responsible for supporting the achievement of  people from marginalized communities obtaining senior leadership roles within the tech space.